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Hoversurf-A Flying Bike


Researchers always wonder where the world will get to in few years to come with the emerging technology. Technology had always changed the world in almost every sector especially in transportation. Since the first aeroplane invented by the Wilber brothers, man has always tried inventing all diverse flying machines that could fly in the air.
One of these modern flying craft is the hoversurf-a flying bike you may choose to call it.
Hoversurf, a Russian company has been developing a ridable drone called hoversurf bike, the latest version of hoversurf bike called scopion-3 has been design with a technology that help riders to manuvure in the air as if they are ridding a bike.
According to source the scopion-3 could carry 104 Kg of load with a speed of 43 miles per hour. The flying bike can travel 30 miles with charged battery that can last for 30-40 minutes on a single charged depending on the battery type.
The bike has been designed to perform both automatic and manual control.
It is safe to fly, it can be used by the police to manage large traffic area.