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Chief Imam Spokesperson calls for ‘One Muslim, One Booter’ – Skynetgh


Spokesperson for the National Chief Imam Sheikh Aremeyaw Shaibu has urged Muslims to refrain from using same plastic kettles, popularly known as ‘booter’, to help curtail spread of the novel coronavirus disease.

Sheikh Aremeyaw wants the Muslim communities to practise what he calls ‘One Muslim One Booter’ at various mosques in protecting themselves and family members from the deadly virus.

Before prayers Muslims perform ablutions, or ritual washing Wudu, which is to physically clean themselves and by doing so use the water-containing plastic kettles, normally kept at the mosques for the ritual.

Speaking to Onua FM on how Muslims are preparing to return to the mosques should restrictions on social and public gatherings be eased, Sheikh Aremeyaw appealed to his fellow worshippers to have individual ‘booters’ from this day forward.

He underscored the need to adhere to frequent washing of hands, wearing of nose masks and all other protocols put out by World Health Organization (WHO) and Ghana Health Service (GHS) in enhancing the fight against Covid-19.

“As we all have individual booters in our homes, let’s replicate same at the various mosques in protecting ourselves from contracting the virus and in the end infecting the family and colleagues.”

He noted that Muslims from this time forth would be compelled to attend prayers at the mosque with prayer rug or prayer mat as part of measures in containing spread of Covid-19 should ban on public gatherings be lifted anytime soon.

Leadership, according to him, would instruct all Imams at the community level to provide sanitizers and other Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) at mosques.

He admitted that Covid-19 and its associated restrictions hugely affected activities during the Ramadan and Eid ul-Fitr celebrations since individuals were prohibited from congregating at mosques during the Salat period.

He, however, said lessons are being learnt and they would go a long way of strengthening their scheme of worship in preparing them for unfortunate periods and incidents like this.

Sheikh Aremeyaw entreated Muslims and the general public to observe all state protocols, in reducing spread of the virus.

By Maxwell Otoo|Onua FM|Skynetgh.com|Ghana