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‘Robot’ EC boss is being remote controlled – Abraham Koomson – Skynetgh


Mr. Abraham Koomson, General Secretary of the Federation of Labour appears incensed by the way the Electoral Commission is managing the impending new voter’s registration exercise, insinuating that its chairman is living on someone’s term.

He told Johnnie Hughes on TV3’s Hot Issues, Tuesday, that the EC boss, Jean Mensa, doesn’t come across to him as being independent, otherwise, “I don’t think she will behave like the way she is behaving”.

The country is polarized over the compilation of the voter’s register, which two-day pilot exercise ended on Wednesday.

Some civil society groups and opposition parties led by the National Democratic Congress are opposed to the compilation of a new register insisting the existing one is credible, needing only a review. But the governing New Patriotic Party is in full support of a new register despite coming to power with the current one.

Very critical of the EC chairperson, Mr. Abraham Koomson suggested that she is allowing herself to be dictated to, which could be a fertile ground for the disruption of activities in the country.

“She is behaving like a robot; she is being remote controlled.  If the battery runs down she will pause,” he said without qualm.

When the host drew his attention about the comments not been fair, he retorted, “it is fair, she is my daughter, what she is doing is wrong; what she is doing is wrong”.

He is on the side of those who think spending money to do a new voter’s register is a misplaced priority.

He believes a team of eminent personalities constituted by the EC as an advisory body has not helped matters by “not talking” about the registration exercise.

He was also not charitable with the National Peace Council, made up of mostly religious leaders, remarking that their prayers would not be answered because God “will never listen to the prayers of the wicked person”.

Abraham Koomson fears if persons or institutions that are supposed to intervene to find a level playing field for those have taken entrenched positions, the country may be attacked spiritually.

The new register when compiled would be used for Ghana’s forthcoming general elections in December to elect a president and 275 Members of Parliament.

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 By Isaac Essel | Skynetgh.com