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Greatest Love Story – Skynetgh


When Kay Morris told me she has written a love song to Jesus, I grimed but managed to put out a smile and muted, “can you compete for the love of billions who love Christ?”

Another intriguing question raptured my mind and this time without mincing words I fought back the thought of sounding uncharitable. “You can’t write a song to an invincible personality like Christ”.

This cannot even happen in a fairytale story.

Kay Morris, sounding unapologetic and unashamed told me some folks write love songs to their spouse and significant others but she has chosen to write a love song to Jesus – the greatest love story that has ever been told.

The response struck me like a bolt from the blue and when I got the opportunity to listen to the song, it made meaning.

Rev. Dr. Kay Morris, the gospel hall of fame inductee and multi award winning international recording artiste and Grammy considered singer/song writer is out with a single titled “GREATEST LOVE STORY”.

The single produces heart wrenching ballads garnished with thoughtful lyrics accompanied by face melting guitar rock.

A Jamaican by birth, Dr. Kay Morris’ single is certainly fresh and viral as the opening of the song reverberates a magically creative reggae beat infectious to the ears.

She tells the story of how Jesus left his splendor in heaven to die for the sins of man. While professing her love for Jesus, she switches into a chorus justifying why the greatest love story ever told is indeed john 3:16.

For a woman who found her passion for music at the age of four, singing comes to her effortlessly and she did that throughout the song in a poignant melody.

the Canada based musician will make you fall in love with Jesus over and over again and you may end up proposing love to Christ in a way you have not done before.

Dr. Kay Morris is a global humanitarian philanthropist, ordained Reverend Fashion Designer Women and Youth Empowerment Conference Speaker, Youth Mentor. She has done extensive advocacy work on the continent of Africa such as the Maternal Health project which involves building hospitals for underprivileged communities.

“Greatest love story” is produced by Jermaine Stern (JS productions, Toronto) Recorded at: Ginger Hill studios, Toronto. Mixed by: Peter Hamilton (One Fell Swoop Studios, Toronto. Mastered by: Senior Mastering Engineer, Peter Doell (Aftermaster Audio Labs-Hollywood, CA)

By Thomas Adotei Pappoe