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Teachers Have Kicked Against the Publicity of Professional Allowances of GH¢1200


Teachers reacts to the uncharitable act of publishing their yearly professional allowances of GH¢1200.

Teachers all over Ghana has to revoke and denounce the practice by government announcing monetary issues of teachers worldwide.

SkyNet News gathered some of the media stations that published the story which include joynews, TV3, Ghanaweb.com, myjoyonline.com, 3news.com, kingdomfmonline.com, graphic.com.gh, newsghana.com.gh, gna.org.gh, peacefmonline.com, ghanabussinessnews.com and many more.

According to information gathered by SkyNet News , most said that, any time teachers are being given incentives or incremental jump in salary the whole world hears about it.

“This publicity of teachers being given GH¢100 a month totaling GH¢1200 per year going viral and being widely broadcast every where on TV, Radio etc is very unacceptable” They added.

They made refrence to other intitutions in Ghana whose employees always receive mega allowances and other incentives which are some times bigger than their salaries and yet nobody hears about it.

Why should teachers say ‘All can boast but the teacher thought them all’ a small incentive given the whole world hears about it. Meanwhile some professionals take as much as 4 times and s others even 10 times the salary a teacher takes and yet it is not published.

What about those who take sitting, clothing, nights allowances of more than GH¢100 cedis? Who hears of it?
Some Ghanaian workers sleep in 5star hotels which cost about USD$500 a night minus food and such a worker still takes allowances of more than GH¢100 for a night?

Why on earth should a teacher’s motivational allowance of GH¢100 a month be announced worldwide?
The government, the media and the general public must stop the practice. Enough is enough.

This announcement of our money intake should stop. It will be good if the teacher Unions take a second look at this and curb this for our noble profession.
If other sectors employees monies will be put in the public domain then same must apply to teachers.

If other sectors monetary issues are silent then the teachers monetary issues must be silent as well. Because we all grow the economy of Ghana together. “Enough is enough”