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Shatta Wale, Why 5 Billion Juju men to Change Ghana but not Pastors


Shatta Wale has now shifted his attention on Pastors to Juju men.

Not long ago after the Dancehall artiste Charles Nii Armah Mensah alias Shatta Wale created a hoax of his death and was since been prosecuted for the action. It was believed He did this after one man aclaimed ‘man of God’ prophesied about Shatta Wale’s death. He shared a recent post on social media and said Ghana needs 5 billion juju men to change the mindset of her people.

To him, the country is not experiencing the needed change for a positive result, Shatta Wale has been calling for a change in the country and is very optimistic that those changes can bring in more positive results rather than what we are experiencing.

He made a recent post on his social media handle, the “Gringo” hitmaker is still unhappy with something and has stated the mindsets of some people in the country are too primitive.

According to him, for things to change in Ghana especially our mindset then we need five billion juju men to do that.

He posted: “As for Ghana, if tings go change especially our mindsets, unless 5 billion juju men oooo..Peaople dem a mindset for this place be too primitive and that’s so sad.

“Keep working smart(My key to success) Cuz you know you working hard but it’s not reflecting in your pocket..so sad..!! Have you thot about that …”