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Worders of Artificial Intelligence in Technology


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly sophisticated in their ability to perform wonderful things as human beings could do.

AI is able to perform human task such as reasoning, planing and many more. It is used in many areas to perform several task. For example, popular websites and social media sites use this to connect people. Facebook for instance uses AI to track its users on the internet. Facebook is able to spy every click and everything you do or watch in the internet using AI.

Google and other advertising companies uses AI to show ads that are best needed by people. Google also has an Intelligent algorithms to detect certain things done on the internet to make sure it users don’t violate their policies or terms of use of certain services.

Some of things done by AI are:
1. Hearing: AI is able to hear and differentiate different types pf sounds including human beings and other things. AI is able to identity gunshots and even alert the necessary egency for necessary actions to be taken..
2. Talking: AI is able to glance over text and read them loud to the hearing of humans. It can sometimes give instructions on something by talking.
3. Reasoning: AI is able to reason like humans to an extend that its able understand and solve problems. An AI once wrote a novel and an award won on it.
4. Smelling: AI is able to identity scent using certain sensors to know the type of scent and where its coming from.
5. Seeing: Cameras are used by AI to see and detect things. AI cars are able to drive by themselves using this type of AI.