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Download Expensive Softwares for Free.


Software like Adobe Creative Suit, Windows OS , Microsoft Office suit and other Operating systems are all Proprietary Software; This means the user needs to pay money before purchasing such software…But with the help of these websites, you can get all these software for free.

  1. Get into pc:

This is a website where you can get free software to download. Professional version of any software can be downloaded for free. All types of software are given on this website, the latest versions. All kind of proprietary software (non-free software or closed-source software).

The link to the site is:Get Into PC – Download Free Your Desired App

  1. Get My OS:

This site also helps to download the ISO of any Operating system for Free. File such as Windows (7, 8, 10 and 11), Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Mac, Fedora and etc. After downloading ISO from this site too you can create a bootable drive and install it on your desktop or Laptop

The Link to the Site is:Manjaro Linux | Free Download Latest Version From GetMyOS.Com


  1. FileHippo:

This is a website that you can also download the latest version of any computer software for Free. You can download the latest version of Windows (7, 8, 10 and 11), Mac, web Apps and android apps for free. The essential thing about this site is that all the software and applications  that are launched  there are updated immediately. From you can also download other popular software like Browser Software (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera), Drivers Software (Bluetooth, Audio, Wi-Fi  etc.), Security software, Messaging software, Data Recovery software and many more.

The link to the site is: FileHippo.com – Download Free Software

  1. Softonic.com helps you to download and install desktop software online for free. On this website you will find a variety of software (Video editing, Photo Maker, Recovery software, video player and many more).


The link to the site is:App news and reviews, best software downloads and discovery – Softonic

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