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New Technology and Inventions in 2022.


Technology has evolved from time in memorial till today. Human beings from stone age till this era had always strove to make life better for himself even though some of the things we invent are sometimes destructive such as nuclear weapons for mass destruction. Not withstanding the good ones can clearly be seen.

In the area of transportation and health, the effort of man is commendable. There has been an advancement in the way people and goods are carried from one place to another by sea, by land and by air. In recent years peoples have designed cars that can go through water and on land at the same time called amphibian bus.

A car has also been designed by companies that can fly by bringing its wings out and also move on land by folding its wings.
Just this last year, a drone was designed to be able to carry one person with no pilot. Research is underway to design an aeroplane that could be operated by just simple computers and Artificial intelligence.

Amphibian bus by the Koreans

Motors are designed to be able to move to every place, whether rocky land or other rough places. In places where there is snow, motorbikes has been designed to improve their vehicular movements.