Ghana Education Service directs School authorities to repport any JHS or SHS Students who Misconduct to the Police.

It has come to the notice of the Ghana Education Service that, a lot of students especially the form threes(3) final year students no longer regard school authorities and school rules. Report says a lot of the students don’t attend classes after thay have registered for their end of year final exams. Majority have resorted to diviant behaviours such us drinking, smoking, prostitution etc.

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The majority are also using mobile phones of different types on campuses and misused them for watching of nuddy pictures and videos including watching of unnecessary things which are not not related to academia.
Ghana Education Service has argue parents to take proper care of their wards in school to ensure they achive the best and be the future leaders of this country we need.

GES added that any student who misbehave should be diboardinised to prevent them from spoiling other students.

Ghana Education Service added that any student who misbehave should be reported to the police to be dealt with.

GES futher added that, any students who engage in any criminal misconduct and under investigations by the police will not be permitted by WAEC to write the exams except under the company of their parents. Invigilating them will be very tide too.|Ghana