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Make Your PC and Mobile Phone Run Faster for you.


Memory is very important, the quest to manage memory brought about programing languages.

There are times our laptops or mobile phones become very slow making it annoying. It can sometimes make devices cease to work properly but don’t worry you will learn how to let you device run more faster. You may have a 32 gigabyte RAM laptop or phone that may run slower than a 1 gigabyte RAM laptop. People phones or laptops may sometimes get “frozen” cease to respond to controls. The following ways will help your laptop or phone run faster.

1. Do not download any App to boost your phone’s memory or laptop’s memory. It does not work under normal circumstances. This is because there is no way an App can provide an additional storage space in a phone if there is none.

2. For your phone or Laptop to run very fast, manage the space in the laptop or phone very well. When your device is very loaded, it will run very slow. You need to make sure additional space of the RAM is enough for your device to run well. When you load your device to an extend where there is little space left, it can even break your memory. Even though some phones will remind you of the threshold you should not exceed, it is not advisable to do that.

3. Try and always backup your files to an external drive like pen drives, hard drives etc

4. You can also make use of online storage places like google photos which allows you to backup you photos so that anytime you need them, you can easily go online for them. Google photos acccept all formats of photos be it JPEG, PNG etc.

5. You can make use of google drives which is also used to store documents and other written materials. You can just set to automatic backup so that you do not constantly have to do that manually.

6. You can also make use of cloud to keep you files as well.

Software or Apps that you don’t need them but will be useful sometime to come should be backed up as well.

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When you are able to backup your files, delete the rest and empty you recycle bin if you are using a laptop. For some phones when something is deleted its gone.