Sabrina Thomson works with NASA in designing space orbits and Trajectories for NASA Godard Flight Centre. She has an engineering mindset coupled with creative mindset in showing of space suits for women.

Thompson will be working on designing and testing the suits astronauts would wear in the shuttle on the way to space or underneath the space suit. These clothes need to withstand three Gs of G-Force, or around three times the Earth’s gravity. To date, these suits have not been specifically made with women in mind. Thompson aims to change this with her new designs.

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Baltimore has welcomed me,” said Thompson. “Without the programs here in Baltimore, what I’m doing right now would be really hard to do.”
Thomson is also the founder of Girls in Space Club.

She combines Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and fasion in designing space suit for women and also STEM education.
Note that this Sabrina Thompson is different from the Journalist and writter.|Ghana