The students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF), Wishes to inform all loan applicants that, no fees are charged by the SLTF for processing of loan applications. This means that, applying for the students’ loan is free of charge as others are taking money from the applicants as form of fees.

Also the SLTF is about to publish names of Loan defaulters (those owning) on their website and urges them to make payment as stated in their policy:

“The following beneficiaries of the students Loan are due for repayment. The borrowers are default of their monthly installments or have not started repayment of their loans.

We are therefore asking the under-listed borrowers to repay the loan in order for others to access the fund”

They also stated it on their board that the Trust will publish the names of these defaulters and their respective amounts in the national dailies if they fail to repay their loan. Currently there’s no data available on their site

For those who are yet to apply, this is the process:

Step 1     Log on to the SLTF website

Step 2     Follow link on website and apply for loan (You may save and continue with the application later if you do not complete at one sitting).

Step 3     Follow general instructions in filling out forms online

(Upload a passport picture online)

Step 4     Print out the summary pages of your Loan Application Form

Step 5     Print out and complete the Guarantor Deed and Students Loan

Agreement forms (Complete all forms in BLACK INK and BLOCK LETTERS only)

Step 6     Have your fingerprints (INDEX AND THUMB) and your guarantor’s

THUMB PRINT taken at any SSNIT branch office. You will be assisted by a SSNIT official. (Guarantor thumbprint applies to SSNIT guarantors only).

Step 7     Attach photocopies of the following:

  1. Student ID card and Admission letter.
  2. SSNIT ID number or SSNIT reference number.
  • E-zwich card (both sides).

Step 8     Submit 2 original copies of the duly completed forms and copies of the supporting documents to your respective SLTF Campus Office.

NOTE: Online applications are opened at the beginning of each academic year. Specific details would be communicated through your campus office.