You betrayed Achimota School and now you are crying foul of your son’s misbehavior. You will continue to suffer the consequence. No school authority wouldn’t want the success of any student except the evil ones.

You know very well that you son has a deviant behaviors yet you went to the law court with him to help him win a case against Achimota School so as to allow your son wear dread logs to school. The court too with what the law entails ruled in your favor. You rejoiced over the victory anyway.

Now an incident happened at home and you felt the pains and decided to take it to the social media about how your son treated and wounded you. Immediately after the pain subsided you decided to apologies for saying that your son wounded you. well, no one will advise you tarnish your sons reputations because it will affect him in the future but Achimota School could have handle your son better for you in school and you betrayed them.

It will be very obvious that the boy will not respect his teachers in school as well.
School authorities are always optimistic that, any misbehavior which remains unchecked can influence other students as well.

You could have advice your son to cut down the dread logs and regrow them after school and that would have been the best practice but you spent money speaking for him in court and now you are crying foul. He openly said “I defended him because of Rastafarians but not that he do right things” This is hypocrisy.

Your son even told BBC new that he surprise but happy about how the court ruled in his favor.

Written by: Apambe A. Wisdom|Ghana