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Chaos in Islamic Senior High School in Kumasi as students goes on Demonstrations


Isamic Senior High School at Abepo in the Ashanti Region is under unrest with demonstratration and vandalising school properties and police has been deployed to the area to maintain order.

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The incidents happend today 13 June 2022. Report says at least 30 students are injured and have been rushed to the hospital after police allegedly opened tear gas at them while they were demonstrating over frequent road accidents in front of the school.

About 30 students carried to the hospital

Police forces have forcibly dispersed student protesters at the Islamic Senior High School along the Abrepo Road in Kumasi, Ashanti Region, June 13, injuring up to 30 protesters. Students had gathered to denounce frequent road incidents in the vicinity of the university.

The Security will increase their presence there to maintain order in the area in the coming hours. Further related clashes remain possible. Localized transport disruptions are likely in the coming hours as emergency services have been deployed in the area.