Laptop or Desktop?
The thing you should be looking at is your requirements. Do you need a laptop or desktop? What is the machine going to be used for? You either need to adjust your budget or adjust your goals to make them more compatible with each other.

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  1. RAM (Computer Memory):
    Essentially, the more rams you have, the more browsers and applications you can open. 4 GB is the most basic nowadays. 8GB is the sweet spot for most people. If you are a gamer, photo or video editor, or planning to do CAD/CAM work, you need at least 16GB of Ram. Make sure you get windows vista 64bit as your operating system.


  1. The Processor
    This is the most important factor when choosing a computer nowadays and there are many factors in processor choice the main thing is that in my opinion Intel are at the moment making the best chips and their core 2 duo range is the best so go for one in this family and you will be ok. The processor would also be the first and most essential component to look at first. The computer will either have an Intel or AMD brand of processor.


  1. Storage:
    This is the next piece you should tackle. Computers today usually come with 500GB and 750GB of space in the hard drive. As more people are storing their information online on cloud storage, you may want to rethink of buying a huge hard drive space. Also consider these types , that’s SSD or HDD. Nowadays, SSD’s are becoming more of a common choice than ever before. This is due to the advantage they offer and the fact that they run faster than others. So if the computer has an SSD with a reasonable capacity of 1TB or more, it will be preferred choice over a mechanical hard drive.

Where to get free cloud storage;

  • Google provides the 1st 15GB of free
  • Mega provides free 50GB
  • iCloud provides free 10GB
  • MediaFire provides 10GB
  • Dropbox provides 2GB
    1. Graphics:
      Now all computers come with some form of graphics built in. But my recommendation is to go with something a little better possibly from NVIDIA or AMD. They make your computer resolution better. AMD cards are good for mining while NVidia is good for Adobe programs.

      Computer Software And Ask if the product key can be provided:
      Most computers comes with Microsoft software. The latest is Windows 11.If you install a new hard drive, it is always best to perform a fresh Windows install which will require a Windows key to activate.

      6. Anti-Virus Software
      The other thing to do with the actual computer is a good virus and spy ware package. Don’t be under any illusion this is possibly the most important part of protecting your computer. It will get attacked at some point be prepared when it does.

    2. Open the performance monitor: The Performance Monitor in the Task Manager of windows can tell you a lot.

 Pay close attention to the amount of CPU utilization. If it is running extremely high, here are the potential causes.

  1. There a lot of applications set to run on startup.
  2. There may be virus or malware infection.
  3. The CPU could be underpowered.

And many others such as
8.Check the battery when looking for a Laptop.

  1. Checking capacitors when buying desktops.
  2. Brand: such as HP, Toshiba, Dell, ThinkPad, Lenovo, Acer,    Apple, Samsung, Asus, and many more



The list stated above is the basic aspects one could looked at when buying a computer. Checking other aspect such as the capacitors and other hardware components depends on what the user wants to use the computer for.


I realize that there may be many reasons why a second-hand computer would make sense. But, it may be wiser to have a look online at some computer prices. An entry-level new computer could last you a few years.


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