Home Technology Google captures almost all websites with adsense.

Google captures almost all websites with adsense.


The tech giant is leading in online businesses specifically in the area of adverts with its introduction of adsense.

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In 2021, google was accused if monotony in the area of adverts. Google adsense which is the major source of income for the company has captured almost every websites that seek to make an income from adverts.

The tech giant is using its strong AI system that with its algorithms to perform a lot of task that favour everyone including including publishers and and those seeking to grow their businesses through online adverts.

These are some of the algorithms google is using to the best interest of all.

1. A publisher is not supposed to click on his/her own ads, google has a strong algorithms that is able to detect that.

2. Pay per click (PPC). Google does not charge ads on placement only but when users click to perform a task. Thats where a charge is placed on an ad.

3. Google has made it easy for ads to be placed on any website without struggle. You have the ability to customise to place it where you want it to be and also determine the size and width of your ads.

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